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5 Myths About Beards That Simply Aren’t True

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In our society, there are plenty miss concepts and false beliefs associated with a beard. A handful of potential beard growers cannot sport a beard look only because of this. Now, it is high time to put an end to this sick miss conceptions and beliefs. In this article, we will tell you about 5 myths regarding Best beard Trimmer.
5 Beard myths:
1. Beard causes itching:
First time beard growers tend to experience an itching feeling when they grow a beard for the first time. However, this natural itch goes away within 3 weeks. In some extreme cases, the beard area itches even after a long time beard keeping but that is because of dry skin or dandruff problem and not because of the beard. Practically, you will be habituated with the coarse beard hair touch in your skin so that is not the source of the problem as well. Shampoo and oil your beard to get rid of dandruff and dryness problem respectively.
2. Shaving causes thick beard:
Beard has no growth relation with shaving; it has its growing relationship only with the gene. The complex gene that you are carrying is the cause of your thin or thick beard line and beard type.
3. You have to go to a barber to trim your beard:
Almost, all salons offer a beard cut and there is a tendency of the previous generation to go to a barber to trim beard hair. However, you can do your shaving at home yourself. Therefore, whether or not you should go to a barber depend on your personal preference and nothing more. Why pay your barber some extra cash when you can do it yourself at home. It will also not cost you much time to trim or shave or shape up your beard.
4. You will be troubled to find a job:
Well, this is not always true. Unless you work in defense or some other place with strict grooming rules, you can easily sport a beard and enjoy your work. No one will fire you from your job just because of growing a beard. Once again, you have to understand which job you are interviewing for. If you are interviewing in defense or some company with strict grooming rules then we recommend you to keep thin stubble or a clean shaved look.
5. Beard will make you look older:
Whether or not you will look older depend upon your attitude, your body language and your sense of humor. Beard has nothing to do with an old man look. It does deliver a matured and ferocious look but you cannot term it as “old man” look.

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